A Message from the Founder

1 Ignite Capital Partners operates in flexible joint ventures to help small and medium-size businesses fast-track business development, access to growth capital and risk management solutions, and secure key introductions to potential strategic partners. 

The experienced team of professionals at 1 Ignite Capital Partners understands the unique challenges facing small and medium-sized businesses, and the opportunities associated with a wide range of marketplaces.  The team tirelessly works to empower small and medium-size businesses by providing access to critical knowledge, unbiased advice, and expertise.

Small and medium-size businesses are the backbone of America, fuel innovation and job growth, and enrich the communities in which we live.  1 Ignite Capital Partners is proud to collaborate with energetic small and mid-size business owners to help their businesses thrive.  1 Ignite Capital Partners....your partner in igniting growth!

A message from the Founder

Auta Lopes